Hrusca is an entity in romanian form

Hrusca is the reason romanians have a childhood

Hrusca’s carols are in tune with the virbration of the universe

people who have touched Hrusca get to make spiritual decisions in romania

Hrusca sings about the great ancient time travelling antiaging allknowing force ~ ler

Hrusca totem poles are raised every time a Hrusca album is brought into a romanian home

Hrusca cassettes are considered gifts of tremendous respect in romania all year long

every time a romanian hears Hrusca singing he blisfully starts singing along

whenever in doubt romanians listen to an album of Hrusca on repeat

winter doesn’t come in romania until Hrusca tunes his guitar

Hrusca is chuck norris’s brother from another mother

Hrusca’s carols are massage for the soul

Hrusca rang the bell on heaven’s door

Hrusca was born out of a virgin carol

whenever Hrusca starts singing it’s christmas time

christmas in romania is tradinionally reffered to as st. Hrusca day

tradition requires everyone to carv the face of Hrusca into the christmas tree

in 2015 Hrusca’s ler will reverse the space time continuum an the year will become 5102

Hrusca is his own father and can master the force of the ler and the antiler

we all live in a yellow dacia but and only Hrusca knows how to drive it

everytime a carol by Hrusca is interrupted an angel looses his wings

when stray dogs hear Hrusca sing they become lovable puppies

if ler would be a drug it would be medicine

compared to ethernity Hrusca is constant

Hrusca knows the purpose of being